CT-Guided Surgery

Every implant at Canyon Point Implant and Oral Surgery is planned on a computer prior to surgery. By planning cases digitally, less invasive surgical approaches can often be used.

Our new Itero scanner allows for the avoidance of traditional impressions in many instances. The scanner allows impressions taken more accurately and without the disgusting impression material that is normally put in the mouth. These models can be transferred digitally or 3D printed.

Both 3D digital and 3D printed modeling has many important uses an oral and maxillofacial surgery. Through the use of i-CAT cone beam CT scan’s and Itero intraoral scanning, computer modeling of the patient’s proposed surgery can be completed with more accuracy. The use of intraoral scanning 3D scanning and i-CAT cone beam technology allow for creating computer-generated surgical guides that transfer the surgery performed in the computer to the patient.

Surgical guides can be created for placement of dental implants with an accuracy of 0.2 mm in the 3 planes of space. The surgical guides allows us to complete the planned surgery in the operating room more accurately and efficiently.